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RV Trailer Hitch Guide

Ball Hitch also known as bumper pull - this is the hit shaped like a ball that is on a metal casing that inserts into a trucks receiver in the center of the rare of truck.

5th wheel hitch - A 5th wheel hitch sits in the bed of a pickup truck. It resembles a pie with a chuck of the pie missing. Another metaphor is pacman shaped. Attached to the trailer is a king pin. The driver of the truck backs up to the king pin all the way until the trucks 5th wheel locks into the trailers king pin.

gooseneck hitch - some 5th wheel rv camper trailers are set up for gooseneck instead of a king pin. A gooseneck neck is generally a long boxy metal device that drops down into the bed of a pick up truck and over a ball. Generally the gooseneck ball is 2 and 5/16th in diameter.

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