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Before towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel there are items that must be checked for safety.

We, at Showroom Transport created a general safety list of items that should be checked before movement.

1. Tires: When towing a trailer you must check your tires out before starting your trip. Know your tires. Are they brand name radial tires or are they tires that do not even belong on a trailer. Some people buy a 5th wheel trailer or travel trailer second or third hand without knowing anything about the tires that are on it. Some sellers will throw tires on that are not made for the trailer or tires that are not properly rated for the weight of the trailer. Get the numbers of the trailer and call your local RV dealer if unsure.

Age of tires are very important in towing a 5th wheel or camper trailer. If a tire is more than a year old and has been sitting in direct sunlight or dry temperature the tire might be dry rotted. A sign of dry rot on a recreational vehicle is cracks. Not all dry rot is visible. When in doubt, change the tires.

Low air pressure on a rv trailer tire will also make it not safe to tow down the road. The best way to check air pressure on a RV trailer tire is to use an air gage just like you would check the air pressure in your vehicle tire.

Rips or strange bulges in a rv trailer tire can cause immediate problems on the road.

If your tires are not checked or changed it can be very unsafe for pulling your trailer. When a tire blows it also may cause damage to your RV or other vehicles on the road.

2. Lights: Lights are very important on your R.V. Do a walk around inspection on the lights. Check your brake lights, turn singles and all marker lights to make sure they are working properly. If a light on your rv trailer is not working, it can make your trip very unsafe for you as well as other motorists. If a light is not working it may be corrosion behind or in the light bulb casing. (this is an easy fix) Just unscrew the casing and clean with a wire brush and your done. The basic rules for light fixtures is this: Clean, not cracked, and mounted and secure. You do not want your camper marker / tail light fixtures shaking along the trip. This may confuse other motorists.

3. Brakes: This should be self explanatory but all Brakes should be checked before traveling with a travel trailer, 5th wheel trailer , or any vehicle that is made with brakes must have operating effective proper brakes. Some small trailers do not require brakes yet most do over 3000 pounds.

4. Inside the RV: All loose items inside a RV trailer should be secured properly. No one wants to enter a RV with broken stuff inside. All doors should be secure as well. You do not want a door swinging while in motion. It may cause damage to the door. Vents should be closed as well.

The 4 items above should be checked during and before every rv transporting trip. Yet the most effective way to properly inspect a trailer is to hire a certified mechanic to look over all items above as well as the frame of the trailer, the bearings, the springs or air ride system.

Motorhome Drive Safety Guide

All of the above safety checks may be used for motorhome driving as well.

Please call us at 800-462-0038 for more additional information on shipping a rv safely. You may fill out a free rv moving quote by clicking here.





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